Type 2000 model 2000.1

The Type 2000.1 has a regulation in forerun and reverse running and is in series equipped with a Ø 19mm hose connector. The Control Devices are available from 2 up to 10. All water-prominent parts are manufactured from high-quality plastic. The flow rate can be adjusted by sensitive regulating valves very exactly. In the measuring housing ballball balls and capillary thermometers indicate exactly reproducible values. An adjustable sliding marking in form of an arrow indicates the desired value after an interruption. Easy cleaning. By unscrewing only one cover, the measuring housings can be simply cleaned by means of supplied brush.The connection of our controlling devices amounts to 1 ¼".

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Of course our controls are available also as single housings with two hose connectors in Ø 19mm and Ø 14mm.

Special equipments are possible in context!   Please take all spare parts from the parts   catalog.