about us

Our Family-owned company exists now in the 3rd Generation. The Company was established 75 years ago by Adolf Liedgens in Solingen. The Company was originally a company for the wood-manufacure, e. g. for the Umbrella Industry and the accessories for the Advertisement Industry.

In 1956 the Business was dislocated to Weyerbusch / Westerwald. Since 1961 the Plastic-Manufacturing was added to the Wood-Manufacturing. Farsightedness and fate in reference to business concerns led to an extension of the Plastic-Manufacuring through Mr. Karl Liedgens, who had overtaken the management. First of all products had been produced for other companies but because of the extension of our own product range we could announce our distance pieces for the coat-concrete-build internationally for patent in 1973. At the same time our proved flow controlling devices had been developed.

In 1978 the company Adolf Liedgens & Sohn,OHG, was converted to Adolf Liedgens & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG. In the middle of the 90's our poduct range was extended by a quarz-waterfilter which also had been developed in our company.
In the end of the 90's the today's senior boss withdrew himself out of the actual firm politics. In the following years the flow controlling devices had been sucessfully extended with filters, decompression detectors and solenoid valve.
The Management is incumbent since that on his wife and new Managing Director Ingeborg Liedgens.